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We have extensive experience in pre-training horses - our most recent graduate has gone on to win for Peter Chapple-Hyam in the UK. We focus on building the horse's fitness, form and behaviour so that he/she is physically and mentally ready to accept higher workloads at greater speeds. The team at Peter Maher racing do extremely well in turning around highly strung and difficult horses who might be deemed unmanageable. We pride ourselves on having a very low injury rate and work well with horses who have soundness issues.

Starting and Riding off young horses
The team at Ashfield Stud are known for their ability to efficiently and effectively bring on the young horse, realising how important the racehorse's formative years are. We really enjoy teaching the young stock skills needed for their future life and monitoring their progress. Peter has a real natural feel for when his youngsters are ready to move to the next phase so our basic breaking and pre-training programme is constantly adjusted to suit each horse. The aim is to leave the horse balanced and calm with a good mouth.


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